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EasyClaims &
Grieving a loss? Rely on us to simplify your Claims paperwork.
Did you know that only 24% of the families are able to claim the assets of a deceased member easily. Let’s aim to increase this ratio and make you part of those EasyCLAIMS. 

Our’s transmission ratio is 100%


  • List of assets being claimed

  • Identify required legal documentation

  • Reference to statues, laws and procedures

Profile & Analyze

  • System analyzes assets

  • Indicates priority of claims by success probability

  • Details further information needed

  • Suggests next best action

  • View System generated recommendation for each claim

  • Consult with specialist Estate Planners and Lawyers

  • Identify other possible claimants

  • Be advised on statutory dues, taxes and regulatory charges

Consult & Recommend

Docket Creation

  • Download system generated docket for each claim

  • Avoid repetitive paperwork and mis-filings

  • Use checklist to attach correct enclosures

  • Get contacts of assigned officials at each institution

Payment & Download

  • Pay fixed fees per service

  • Track progress

  • Be advised on statutory or process changes

Get Started with EasyClaims.

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We'll make hassle-free for you.

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