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About EasyInherit

We make inheritance easier for our customers

EasyInherit is a group of very enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have personally experienced the joy and pain of inheritance. 

Why did we
do this ?

Both the EasyInherit co-founders were fortunate enough to have parents who had well documented Wills. But the succession process was exhausting and time-consuming.


Even bank account transfers, where the co-founders were nominees, made them face the reality of bureaucratic processes. All to claim what was rightfully theirs.

They heard the same story from numerous friends and family.

This led to the idea of EasyInherit which is the platform to facilitate all aspects of Inheritance Management - documentation, probates, succession, claims and transfers.

All this, in a secure, transparent, efficient and outcome based model.



And Documents Generated


Claims Processed

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Meet our
amazing Founders

How is
Security is one of the important thing that makes us different.
One Stop Platform for all your Inheritance Needs
Be it consolidation of your assets- physical, digital, financial or emotional, it is the best way to secure them for your loved ones
Data Security
We use the most secure industry leading software to encrypt and store your data safely
Expert Guidance by your side
EasyInherit provides you access to expert Inheritance consultants and lawyers for all your Inheritance and Succession Matters.

Have a question?
Our Team is happy to assist you

We generally get back with in 24 hours

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