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Get complete legal solutions: Tactical - Legal - Operational - Advisory

EasyInherit is the complete platform for all your Inheritance and Succession Matters



Manage all your Assets, Information & Instruction to help your family
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Get your will along with Expert's help and guidance.
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Smooth and hassle-free claims & transmissions process with Expert Guidance.
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Wills & Documents Generated

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Claims Processed

Store your valuables assets at one place.
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Personal & Family
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Government Proofs Powered by DigiLocker
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Home & Property
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Health & Life
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Financial & Liquid
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Digital and Other
How it works?
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Store valuables & memories.
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Share it with the loved ones.
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Enjoy your
hastle-free life

We will assign you a legal expert who will guide your Will making process. All you need to do is read & sign. 

Also first will is on us
Premium Will at ₹15,000
Our legal lawyers/consultant will guide you from start to finish.
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EasyClaims &
Grieving a loss? Rely on us to simplify your Claims paperwork
Did you know that only 24% of the families are able to claim the assets of a deceased member easily. Let’s aim to increase this ratio and make you part of those EasyCLAIMS. 

Our’s transmission ratio is 100%
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“We are paranoid about data security.”
AES-256 Encryption
Security Audits
PDPA Compliant
Just as you care about the security of your family, we ensure your data stays absolutely safe with us. We are not just a comprehensive digital archive with industry-leading security technology, we employ banking level standards and 2048 bit SSl all through the site.
Taking away the pain of difficult transmission
“Never thought that claiming whats yours should be that difficult, specially in India. Empowered by our personal experience, we are on a mission to help families like us get the most of it.”
~ Sejal Sheth | Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
How is
Security is one of the important things that makes us different.
One Stop Platform for all your Inheritance Needs
Be it consolidation of your assets- physical, digital, financial or emotional, it is the best way to secure them for your loved ones
Data Security
We use the most secure industry leading software to encrypt and store your data safely
Expert Guidance by your side
EasyInherit provides you access to expert Inheritance consultants and lawyers for all your Inheritance and Succession Matters.
Hear from our customers we helped
With my high travel, I never got the time to arrange my paperwork. With Easyinherit, it was done in a week.
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Vivek Gupta, 55
Managing Director, IPSOS
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We live in the US and when our parents passed, we could not find time to coordinate with various agencies to claim settle the estate. 
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Rahul Singh, 43
Los Angeles, USA
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This was a touchy subject but COVID-19 woke us to reality. From start to finish Easyinherit put us to great ease as they guided us through every step.
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Shalini Shrivastava, 38
CEO, CouchPotato 
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Your private vault that has been featured in many places
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Frequently asked questions
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How can you help me with my claims and transmission process?

Call our customer support; we will understand your requirement and offer the right assistance for your issue.

Call Now

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Do I need to store information on my Digital Assets too? 

Not just Digital assets like cryptocurrency but also social media accounts and passwords and digital photographs and memories need to be stored securely and have a succession plan in place.

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What’s the appropriate age to write your will?

Anyone can make a will of their properties and assets once they reach the legal age of 21  years. The person making the will, known as the testator, should be in sound mind while writing it and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. To ensure the will is valid, it needs to be signed and dated, and confirmed by the signatures of witnesses.

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